Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tuesday's Tip: Sorting through the evidence before the Challenge begins

You know how sometimes you can be so sure that all the information you need to do a project is carefully stored in one box, or on one shelf?

And then, when you pull it all out to take account of it all, you discover important pieces of information or artifacts are missing?

To top it all off...you just moved within the past few months and it could be somewhere, packed away, in boxes...upon boxes...upon boxes...

Tip of the day: 
Before starting any large genealogy writing project, make sure you have everything you need before you sit down to write.

I am SO glad that I just checked the contents of my sources for the Armchair Genealogist's 2013 Family History Writing Challenge! If not, I'd have been scurrying around in the midst of trying to write, and that would not work out very well!

So, now I know what's missing:

  • the composition notebook used when interviewing our elder members of the family after our last reunion in 2009;
  • the funeral book and newspaper clippings (the clippings have already been transcribed, but they need to be scanned & archived);
  • photos taken on our last trip to North Harlowe, NC.
With only 9 days left...and a very hectic time in the month it is for me at work...I will have to muster up the energy and determination to pull down boxes from the seven foot stacks (with a little help from my husband), and begin the BIG SEARCH.

Who knows what I'll find in the process!

Wish me luck!

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