Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Family History Writing Challenge-Day 9-From Asheville to Havelock

My frustration continues because of the chaos that is packed within boxes from our moving in November. It is amazing how such great care was taken to pack like things together (binders with binders, books with books, etc.); and yet when it gets down to finding the elusive item needed, I realize now that perhaps people have it all backwards when labeling boxes. Instead of noting the category of items packed and the location where we want them taken, we really should label them based on where we found them.

For instance, all the journals and taped reunion messages that were located in the entry closet with the surname binders should have been labeled:
Items from entry closet: Binders, Journals and Tapes.
I am in search of one journal...the one I wrote in when traveling from Asheville to Havelock in July 2009. Three and a half years later, it seems like it has been more like five or more years, and my memory for detail fades.

My greatest impression of the trip are the differences in the land. From the mountainous terrain and winding roads of the Smokies to the flat land and straight roads that seem to stretch ahead for miles and miles without end until we come to the coast.

For now the details are faded, but I know that when I eventually do find my travel journal, I will be able to insert my observations and thoughts here.

We arrived at the Hampton Inn of Havelock early in the early evening, perhaps around 5:50 pm, on Friday, July 17, 2009. I estimated the time based on what I remember about checking in at the hotel. Letitia, our co-historian, and her husband arrived a short time after we did. She told us they would be using the conference room down the hall for the Meet & Greet (6-10pm), and that there were family in there already, setting up refreshments. 

After taking our luggage up to our room and freshening up, we went back down to the conference room.
At this point, I must refer to the family photos posted by our Cousin Chris. I remember the names of some of the faces represented in them, but many I had just met for the first time and their names escape me. I will have to ask our co-historian for assistance in order to preserve them for posterity.

But the photos themselves aid my failing memory of the events of that night, and of the banquet the following night....

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